Special services

MADSEC enables its customers to receive CISO services on demand.

The company also provides unique information security solutions: Red Team & checking for DoS attack resistance.

Improve posture

Improve posture

Focus capabilities & processes and tune devices to detect and respond to advanced methods.

Cost saving

Financial savings

Testing the capabilities of security products even before they were purchased in order to verify their effectiveness.

Why us?

We use artificial and human intelligence across the threat landscape to develop threat scenarios that pose the most risk to your organization. MADSEC's experts combine various techniques to simulate the attacker. We also have extensive experience in placing information security experts in our clients.

What do we offer?

Device's security & software functionality proofing

A specialized service aimed to test and challenge the effectiveness and functionality of a security solution: device or software.

"Red team"


External cyber-attack simulation. Using no information from the customer (black box) our team will conduct a full supervised cyber-attack on your organization.

Layer 4 & layer 7

stress tests

Stress testing simulates worst-case scenarios and evaluates how your business would respond to DDoS attacks on critical systems used to serve your customers such as websites (Layer 7 and\or 4) or shutting down gateway network (external organizations IP's using Layer 4 attacks).


as a service

We provide our customers with an inhouse, highly professional and experienced consultant which is able to guide the customer to achieving his organizational information security goals.