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Red Team

External cyber-attack simulation without any customer information (black box).
Our team will  conduct a full supervised cyber-attack on your organization while using the lead methodologies (SANS, NIST).  
In addition, we offer audit services to cybersecurity defense team - reflect the way they operate and mitigate attacks.

Our CRTT services (Cybersecurity Red Team Training) will strengthen your operational processes for better cybersecurity defense based on our red team services findings.

Improve defense

Receive a fact-based analysis of your security’s strengths and weaknesses.


Using front-line cyber attacks experience, our experts simulate the tactics, techniques and procedures of a real world targeted attack, without the negative consequences.


cyber IR

Improve your operational processes & procedures related to cybersecurity incident response.

Why us?

MADSEC's vast experience & expertise with Red-Team simulations & Blue-Team
services are expressed in maximum breaches exposure thanks to familiarity
with a variety of assault methods.
Our deep know-how in defense systems (advanced technologies, SOC's processes & procedures, etc.) enables our professionals to identify weaknesses, bottlenecks & gaps and instruct customer's cybersecurity teams for the best solution. 

What do we offer?

Cybersecurity offensive attack simulation

Cybersecurity team audit

Red Team training

Physical social engineering  services