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Governance, risk & compliance

Our security consultants conduct information security risk assessments in accordance with  guidlines developed by NIST and other frameworks. We will help you meet applicable mandates, streamline compliance practices and identify opportunities to better align your security and compliance processes.

Better protect

Assisting the organization's assessments of regulatory requirements & planning information security architecture.

Identify gaps

By checking the correlation between the existing information security systems and the preservation of critical resources.


Navigate changes, identify necessary processes and maintain your unique environment with expert guidance to ensure compliance.

Why us?

MADSEC's experts believe that when dealing with Israeli and international laws and regulations, a professional legal team is needed on board to consult the technological one.

Our team helps organizations to reduce the risk of breach by passing annual audits and also focusing on day-to-day operations and overall security posture.

What do we offer?


Security posture improvment

Information security
laws & regulations

Hazardous materials permit regulations

ISO & other


Supply chain