Cloud security services

In order to transfer your IT environment to the cloud - a security transformation is required as well. Our cloud security consultants can guide you through the security ramifications of cloud adoption on your security strategy.

Security design

Strategy design

Work with our cloud consulting experts to define and implement changes to your security strategy.


Address compliance

Review cloud compliance implications and test your cloud defenses for gaps.

Why us?

Our experts provide a comprehensive solution starting from the design stages till the execution itself. this will help you migrate securely with the right business alignment and technical expertise. We also have extensive experience both in Israel and in Europe.

What do we offer?

Public information security architecture

Our team assists in designing a public information security architecture such as: AWS, Google Cloud, Azure.



Our team conducts a risk survey for a cloud-based system in accordance with relevant regulations.

Penetration tests

Our team performs penetration tests for servers located in the cloud.