Application penetration testing

Protect your WEB Applications, APIs & mobile applications by enhancing your security with actionable customized recommendations based on the latest techniques used by hackers.



reduce risk

Identify gaps and discover risks during application development.


Gain confidence

Ensure that the application's security provides complete protection to customers and employees.

Prioritize weaknesses

prioritize remediation

Secure applications based on the real risk according to your organization.

Why us?

MADSEC team’s carries out penetration tests based on “OWASP Testing Guide”. 
Our expert team is comprised of experienced professionals with international certifications and extensive knowledge in the field of WEB application. All these allow us to provide you with quality and efficient service.

What do we offer?

Secured web applications

Security code


We check all aspects of WEB server, portals & web services and guide your developers on how to fix the vulnerabilities found.

We check your code's hardening according to the industry's strict standards.

Secured application development

By accompanying the development team we ensure that the development process includes all the security elements needed.

Secured  mobile


We run application penetration testing for cellular including: hardening, authorization & protection from other applications.